A simple and intuitive multitool for performing some of the most common tasks in nucleotide and protein sequence work.

- Local BLAST interface
- BOWTIE (fast and precise short sequence aligner) interface
- Sequence extraction from FASTA files by sequence ID
- Creating reverse complementary sequence
- Sequence format conversion FASTA <-> CSV
- Custom databases

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Primer Factory

Primer Factory is a primer design and primer search tool. It provides a convenient interface for the widely used command line software Primer 3 for designing PCR primers. PrimerFactory also can search by target sequence query in a primer stock database for matching primers that may eventually be reused instead of designing and ordering new oligonucleotides.

- Primer3 Interface for single sequences as well as batch file input
- Primer Search in custom primer database
- Advanced primer annealing temperature calculator

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LabTools is designed to assist molecular biologists in common calculations in the lab, e.g. DNA ligation ratios, solution calculator or dilution calculator.

- Molarity calculations for common chemicals
- Dilution calculator
- Optimal ligation ratio calculator

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